Save Ukraine — #StopWar

About the telethon

On Sunday, May 29, the second international charity telethon Save Ukraine — #StopWar will take place simultaneously in the capital cities of Germany and Ukraine. The purpose of the event remains the same — to draw the attention of the world community to the dramatic events taking place in Ukraine and to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment for healthcare institutions that provide medical assistance to the wounded and injured during the war. The fundraising will be conducted through the United24 global initiative. All donations will be automatically transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine, assigned to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It is symbolic that the event will take place specifically on May 29 — the Day of Kyiv, and will be dedicated to the brave Ukrainian resistance during the three months of indomitable struggle against the Russian Federation. Kyiv is the heart of Ukraine and the capital of freedom, which has never been and cannot be conquered. That is why viewers all over the world must remember that this is the cradle of Europe and the place where our history began. The key messages of the project are #Stoprussia, #StandWithUkraine, #StopWar, #SaveUkraine, #BeBraveLikeUkraine, #CapitalOfBravePeople.

Where to watch

  • In Ukraine, the TV marathon will be available on

    1plus1 ictv stb 2plus2 ukraine ukraine24 rada ua-first inter suspilne tet m1 ntn
  • As well as on online TV platforms

  • For viewers all over the world the TV marathon will be available on:

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Before, during and after the broadcast, funds will be raised for the purchase of medical equipment for healthcare institutions that provide medical assistance to the wounded and injured. It is expected to purchase surgical C-arm X-ray machines. Such equipment is used to perform X-ray controlled surgeries, such as removal of shrapnel fragments or fixation of bones. The price of one item starts from EUR 100,000. It is expected to purchase equipment for 12 regions that are close to the hostilities and provide medical care to the wounded and injured:

  • Kharkiv region — for 2 institutions;
  • Dnipropetrovsk region — for 2 institutions;
  • Zaporizhzhia region — for 2 institutions;
  • Poltava region — for 2 institutions;
  • Odesa region — for 2 institutions;
  • Kyiv region — for 2 institutions;
  • Kyiv — for 2 institutions;
  • Chernihiv region — for 1 institution;
  • Sumy region — for 1 institution;
  • Mykolaiv region — for 1 institution;
  • Cherkasy region — for 1 institution;
  • Kirovohrad region — for 1 institution.
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    About the first telethon Save Ukraine — #StopWar

    The first telethon Save Ukraine — #StopWar took place on March 27 in Warsaw and has become the most large-scale broadcast in the history of television:

    • More than EUR 1.2 million have been raised through joint efforts to solve the most acute humanitarian issues caused by the Russian Federation’s war in Ukraine. In particular, medicines and medical supplies, food and hygiene products were purchased for internally displaced persons and people in areas of active hostilities, primarily from the vulnerable population categories, people with disabilities. Funds were also used to evacuate civilians from the hotspots (Kharkiv, Sumy and Donetsk regions) and to provide accommodation for displaced persons, including evacuated children
    • More than 30 TV channels around the world have broadcasted the project simultaneously, and the average rating of the TV channels viewing during the telethon was higher than usual in this slot
    • Around 80 million people worldwide watched the live broadcast of the telethon. We have united all continents
    • Residents of more than 50 cities and capitals took to the streets to support Ukraine and join the telethon
    • 30 world political leaders appealed to Ukrainians and the international community
    • More than 17 million people were united by a communication campaign in the media and on social networks


    Save Ukraine — #StopWar telethon is implemented by teams of 1+1 media, Atlas Festival, Suspilne, and with the support of the national mobile operator Kyivstar, Dynamo Kyiv football club, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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